Let`s visit Gudauri:)

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Gudauri is a ski resort located on the southern slopes of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. At an elevation of 2,196 meters (7,200 ft.) above sea level. Gudauri lies 120km (75 miles) to the north of the capital Tbilisi. The trip from Tbilisi to Gudauri usually takes two hours by car.During the day you can enjoy yourself with ski lifting and heli-skiing,while in the evening several cosy Cafe-Restaurants will take your breath away.Gudauri is a perfect place for teenagers as well as for the adults.

Gudauri tour includes:

  • Meeting at the airport
  • Transfer to the hotel
  • Sightseeing tour of Tbilisi
  • Sightseeing tour of Mtskheta
  • Transfer to hotel in Gudauri
  • Visiting Khazbegi
  • Transfer to Tbilisi for departure

Tour to Gudauri can be organized without offered trips and excursions
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