1. Full scale management

  We rent a property for predetermined price and term getting responsibility for the following:
  1) Paying out the rent on time
  2) Being in charge of all operations in the hotel management process such as sales through online  platforms and negotiating with tour agencies
  3) Market value of both the property and price per room must not decrease during the  management process.

Specifically the value of the property must not depreciate more than negotiated and the sales  price of hotel rooms should hold positive growth rate during the management process

  2. Start up the business
  We sign short term contract guaranteeing successful launch of business and providing the following:
  1) Recruit and train hotel staff
  2) Implement international hotel standards and management qualities
  3) Register the property on all leading online booking platforms
  4) Provide appropriate contacts to the hotel management of tour agencies operating on the Georgian tourism market

  Selection criteria

  Minimum number of rooms: 10
  Cities covered: All over the country

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