Take a trip to Gudauri

gudauriSome of you might have already been hosted by Gudauri, on of the the best ski resorts in Georgia by the diversity of slopes, endless feeling of winter anniversaries, and at the same time incomparable for companies desiring to get motivated


Ski resort located on the southern slopes of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. At an elevation of 2,196 meters (7,200 ft.) above sea level will take your breath away with its unseen beauty. During the day you can enjoy yourself with ski lifting and additional tours to nearby places, while all of your evenings will be full of surprises and positive emotions.

Day 1

  • Arrival and transfer to Gudauri – Our tour operator and guide will meet you upon the arrival at the airport. – according to the time of arrival and the duration of your flight we will organize the welcome meal, following to what your journey to Gudauri will get commenced.
  • Check in – After the 2 hour duration transfer you will check in to the hotel “Marco Polo” situated near the first ropeway, you will also be provided the map of the resort and all compulsory information regarding other activities.
  • Getting ready for skiing – local professional instructors of the hotel will choose adequate ski accessories for your level and desire. You will also need to purchase your ski passes to enjoy the slopes of Gudauri. Usually, you can enjoy skiing from 9:00am to 16:00pm 7 days in a week. During the day you can have a lunch at the hotel as well as in the various restaurants in the mountains.
  • 1st day Evening event – dinner at the restaurant Gradus at the surface of the first slope. We will begin our evening from presenting all details of our program, afterwards we have to hold the draw for the 3rd day ski competition. Finally we will participate in some games and numerous extraordinary surprises for all of you).

Day 2

  • Morning – after the breakfast at the hotel “Marco polo” you can start skiing, elevators start working from 9:00am
  • Lunch – at the restaurant on the top of the first slope. where you can taste some delicious Georgian dishes and of course famous Georgian drink ‘Chacha’ / free time for skiing
  • 2nd day evening event – You are already well-met to the Georgian traditional tables (locally called “Supra”) with toast master “Tamada” and the folk ensemble of Georgian songs and dance, however you should wait for new and different impressions from the company Georgian Journey.
  • Overnight – when you start falling in love with our traditions and when you will be definitely having fun like a Georgian we will finish our 2nd evening event)


  • Morning – After the breakfast we all even including non-skiers go to the beginning of 3rd slope “
  • Competition – Doesn’t matter if you are professional or an amateur, you will have a great time participating in the competition accompanied by the music and lead by MC
  • Free time – back to the hotel and get ready for the evening event
  • Banquet – remuneration ceremony at the club ‘Marco Polo’ with musical band, famous Georgian MC, Dj and of course our program comprising of games and other joyful activities


  • Transfer to Tbilisi – Farewell to Gudauri and transfer to the 4* hotel in Tbilisi
  • Sightseeing of overnight Tbilisi – the Narikala fortress, Sulfur baths – (whose who wish to try sulfur baths we will make a book for them) and the tight streets of old Tbilisi with free wine degustation and souvenirs shops
  • Departure – from the Tbilisi airport